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Leading Smart Health Tech

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Technological products in the field of medicine

Our company is dedicated to the development , research and innovation of new technological products in the field of medicine, specializing in aid diagnosis by imaging .

Currently, LSHT has  products in international marketing and working on new lines of research.
LSHT borned with the idea of combining the knowledge potential of university research groups with business reality and market.

LSHT get products make great scientific and medical grade whose main goal from the start , is its commercial value.
Our business objective is the B2B sales , software products of interest to doctors and specialists seeking entry into the software supporting manufacturers of medical devices.

Our lines of research seek to achieve the greatest possible number of patents that create value for the company.
The overall objective is to be the global leader in developing technologies for the diagnosis by automatic image interpretation in the field of medicine.

Our research team works on several new product lines in accordance with the key opinion leaders of different medical specialty.

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