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Recruit the best anywhere

Hoonter is the talent validation platform in the cloud, where we have developed an intelligent system which allocates the know-how of the recruitment processes in a software. This maximises the match between what companies are looking for and what the market offers, putting us in the competitive market of recruitment and selection.
The biggest problem companies face is they can't assure if what is reflected on candidates' CVs is true or not and some times candidates apply to offers that don't fit with their profiles. Companies lose time filtering and interviewing people that don't match with what they're looking for.
We solve this problem sifting data from the beginning of the process, with essential requirements. Later, candidates are validated trough knowledge and personality tests, obtaining the best talents. With this process, we eliminate the massive amount of CVs that don't fulfil the requirements, always choosing validated talents, finishing with the job spam.
Telefono: 606883790
Persona de Contacto: William Bolívar CEO de Hoonter.

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