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AMK Healthcare México


We have created our own behavior category over our client’s Brands.

Our client’s brands respond from subatomic levels to science, creativity, high technology, the best in class service and communication solutions from AMK Health, generating a strong magnetic field that powerfully influences physicians and patients.
Science - The health arena is grounded on science. At AMK Health, everything we do and say is based on the science behind the brand; whether we’re communicating an important message in Oncology, consumer health or public health, the science drives that conversation. Being experts on health communication and wellness means we understand not just what we say, but how and when we say it; this drives our customers behavior changes.

Creative - Our creative Brandnetism® is regularly recognized for its ability to influence. We have changed behaviors all over Hispanoamerica. Creative Brandnetism® isn’t just a label, a team or an output; it’s a mean to an end, something woven into our agency culture and guiding everything we do from strategic planning to business solutions for communication.

Communication solutions When you connect with AMK Health you will connect with a wealth of knowledge in the communications field. Being communicative is not just about connecting with each other through a message; we believe being connected means to create empathy with our clients, healthcare professionals, patients, consumers, caregivers, payers who are holding conversations everywhere.

High technology - Also the health arena is grounded in technology. Physicians and patients are everyday more connected; patients are more educated, more attached to chronic disease treatment using apps to remind his medication. Mobile is an extension of every human being, we are there, we understand and develop those kinds of solutions. It´s passionate for us to create technology knowledge; we are motivated for sharing the inventiveness with our clients.

Best in class service - We can assure you haven’t told: “My agency is always there, they are more than creative concepts, they are strategist, they know what my Brand needs, why my market is growing, what are doing my competitors; they know how the audits works!!! They really understand”. With AMK Health, you will say it.

To transform healthcare advertising industry, through world-class science, innovative marketing, high-tech solutions, and pure Brandnetism®.

AMK Healthcare will be regarded as the best and largest healthcare advertising agency in Hispanoamerica.

Courage - We are not afraid! We suffer from chronic courage! Fully enthusiasm, true conviction and professionalism lead our standards way beyond expectations.

Character - We synergize our talents with moral quality; we have the right motives to control successful projects, to achieve results even greater than the sum of our parts.

Integrity - We live respectfully and honestly, essential values to build up strong and lasting working relationships.

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