About us

somos una Aceleradora de Empresas

An Accelerator / Incubator Software projects in the field of the Internet, Web and Mobile apps .

We Zarpamos the three partners are :

  • Manuel Garcia as promoter and CEO of Accelerator , entrepreneurial and ICT expert with over 15 years of experience in different business areas .
  • Fundacion Ronsel as Expert Business Training for Entrepreneurs and reference in Galicia for more than 12 years.
  • PIES SA Investment Fund .

ZARPAMOS with entrepreneurs involved in the development of your product from the initial phase , providing everything you need to achieve a profitable business.

For this brings experts set sail , Graphic Design , Programming, Online Marketing , Content Development , Business Generation , Legal, Administrative and Financial Consulting Market Research for Internationalization .

All our work is based on Lean Startup , formed by the top connoisseurs of this methodology.

Our Partners Venture Capital , made a bimonthly monitoring of projects Accelerated forming and directing the product to the market that claim Target investors and preparing the final presentation for pursuing private funding.

We are born with International calling, looking for products that are interesting in other markets. As a result, we are able to internationalize specific project , one of the most important Accelerator in the world, with the aim of making a ” Joint Venture ” in that country , with the achievement of 50 % Spanish capital and 50 % abroad.

Mentors play a critical role in our chart success Entrepreneurs are scattered around the world . One of them will be part of the company to be formed with the entrepreneur, teaming with him , according to some milestones that have marked .

Team and Partners

Manuel García

Socio Zarpamos

Luis García

Socio Zarpamos

Rafael Vázquez

Socio Zarpamos